Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Looking for BTJunkie torrents?!

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BTJunkie is a popular website which is related to bit torrent. This website offers free content on the internet and this is a major reason why it is popular online. Lots of people including students and businessmen download from this site as they are always looking for some kind of free content. But the problem with this site is that it gets under the strict scrutiny of the government and the kind of industries which sell products and services that fall under the category of intellectual property. This is a major reason why lots of people tend to face trouble when they download from these kinds of websites like BTJunkie.

Kind of Content

There are some rules which can help you use BTJunkie. What kind of content do people download from this site? Lots of people download different kinds of music by their favorite musician and singer. The number of music files offered by BTJunkie website is much more than that of the other sites. This is why it is so popular.

Other than this, the BTJunkie website also offers a lot of electronic books on various topics. These kinds of books are in great demand with the school as well as the college students. People can also get different kinds of video files from the website. BTJunkie offers different file formats for the same file because all the file formats might not play in your system. You can get a wide variety of video and formats in this site and then why should people go to some other websites.

The Problems with the Site

But the problem with BTJunkie is that the main site was suspended. Now there is an alternative for that. The website does not only offer the content and the files for free but it also gives you the opportunity to share the files with the person you want to. Lots of people usually find BTJunkie useful because they can get new materials in the website which is not available anywhere. They also search for obscure materials in the website. You can get at least millions of legal downloads with this site.

The main problem with BTJunkie before was that it did not take any kind of responsibility in protecting your privacy. Therefore anybody from the department of law and your internet server can easily find out what kind of content you are downloading from the website. Your ISP can easily find out who downloaded the files from the BTJunkie website and when. Even if you are using the public WiFi hotspot you cannot hide things from your ISP. Before downloading from the site therefore you need to aware of these problems.

This is not where the problem ends. The problem actually begins with this. If your ISP finds out that you have been downloading content from BTJunkie then they can go even up to the extent of suspending your account. If you are caught being using the website then you the law might levy a fine of hundred to thousand dollars on you. You might not even know when the information of your download is getting shared in your ISP. This is not possible to track and hence you do not know when you are going to be caught. You surely might not want to get caught by doing something illegal without even knowing that. This is the reason why you surely need to come out of all this problems. But then you cannot even stop the use of BTJunkie all of a sudden because it helps you download free content. This is why you need to look for the right kind of solution.

Solving the Problems

To obtain video, music, books and other content for free there can be nothing better than BTJunkie but even if you do this by protecting your identity they have a way to find out every details of the download. They catch you even if you download legal materials. So follow these steps to make your downloading safe and secure. It is not impossible to get out of this hitch. To download easily from BTJunkie you just need to use certain software. This simple software can take care of the fact that your privacy is not breached. This software can prevent the ISP and other sources to identify the computer through which things have been downloaded.

You might not have heard about this kind of software but this BTJunkie software actually exists and you can easily install it in your computer. But if you are searching for the software within the file sharing websites you can never learn about them. You need to search for the software on the internet. The software also has some other benefits which can also be enjoyed. The BTJunkie software actually generates an unknown IP that is impossible to trace. It offer great download speed and is usable with any operating system. The software is capable of creating a safe encrypted VPN connection.